The British Airport Authority (BAA) is planning to invest £137m to modernise the Heathrow’s IT Infrastructure as part of the firm’s capital investment plan (CIP).

The CIP includes major IT projects to improve the passenger experience in various airports.

An investment of £7.8m will be used to replace telecoms within Heathrow’s data network, which will switch all telephones to voice over internet protocol (IP) and provide reliable support network to airlines and customers.

In addition, a £57.1m airport operational systems project will develop a simpler, cheaper IT architecture for Heathrow including airfield and terminal support, security, queue management, access control and asset management.

The project primarily aims to reduce complexity, the number of systems, cutting costs, and improve the passenger experience.

IT infrastructure renewal has a £30.3m budget that will be utilised for updating systems such as datacentres, servers and software infrastructure, IT security, wireless networking, network management and customer support.

In addition, a £39.6m will be spent to improve and modernise the systems used for business planning.

The CIP represents the world’s busiest international airports through appropriate infrastructure and other capital investment.

BAA is inviting suppliers to bid on the global telecommunications provision contract for the entire group.