Ankara airport

Ankara Esenboga International Airport serves the capital city of Turkey and is one of the most modern airports in Europe. It is located in Esenboga, about 28km north-east of Ankara itself.

"Bringing both international and domestic operations under one roof, the airport has one massive terminal."

The airport was selected as the best airport by the International Airports Council of Europe (ACI Europe) in the five to ten million passengers category.

The airport handled 8.5 million passengers and recorded 72,244 aircraft movements in 2011, which marked an increase of ten percent over the previous year. The average daily traffic of the airport in 2011 was 175 aircraft movements and 21,000 passengers.

The airport is being operated by TAV Constructions since September 2004. Its concession period ends in May 2023. A General Aviation Terminal was opened at the airport in January 2012.

Large terminal combines international and domestic operations

Bringing both international and domestic operations under one roof, the airport has one massive terminal. The terminal building has a total area of 183,135 square metres, with a capacity to handle more than ten million passengers per annum.

It is designed to make maximum use of natural daylight to help reduce electricity consumption for artificial lighting.

"The airport is being operated by TAV Constructions since September 2004. Its concession period ends in May 2023."

The passenger terminal was constructed under a Build Operate Transfer (BOT) contract. Its construction was commenced in September 2004 and completed one year ahead of schedule. It became operational in October 2006.

The terminal has an apron of area 296,000 square metres, a duty free area of 2,387 square metres and also a food court arena of 5,200 square metres. It has 19 passenger boarding bridges, 33 elevators, 38 escalators, 36 passport control booths, 102 check-in counters and 38 moving stair-sets. It also has a closed bridge facility, which enables passengers to access the terminal building from the car park in bad weather conditions.

Check-in counters at the terminal are installed with a CUTE (common use terminal equipment) system which extends an entirely incorporated passenger processing solution. The terminal also has 12 mosques, which are always kept open for prayers.

Environmentally-friendly Cogeneration Station

An environmentally-friendly Cogeneration Station was installed at the airport in 2007 to generate electricity for use in the event of a power failure. This system allows power generation from natural gas, which is a cheaper and safer option.

The Cogeneration Station also provides a Wastewater Heat Recycling System and ABS Chiller System to generate heat in winters and reduce heat in summers. This system also enhances the system efficiency and reduces carbon emissions.

Cargo terminal present at Turkey’s Ankara Esenboga

The airport has a cargo terminal with a few private cargo agents operating from it. This terminal has separate storage houses for radioactive materials and valuable items. It also has cold storage units. It accommodates Turkish Airlines Cargo, PTT, the Customs Directorships building and the agencies of cargo and customs brokers.

Baggage handling systems at IATA: ESB

The airport is equipped with a modern baggage handling system. Each luggage before being loaded into the aircraft is thoroughly checked with explosive detection system (EDS) embedded baggage screening.

The system has nine baggage claim luggage conveyors with a capacity for processing 8,000 pieces of luggage each hour. The latest technology incorporated in the system enables luggage reaching the terminal to be delivered to the passengers within just three minutes.

Parking spaces at the modern Turkish airport

A large multistorey parking lot was built at the airport along with the passenger terminal, in 2006. It has an area of 120,000 square metres with 4,050 vehicle parking spaces. It is located parallel to the terminal and is connected to it by means of two covered passages.

Four automatic ticketing machines are installed at the main entrances of the parking lot. In addition, a space for open air parking is also allocated in front of the terminal building at a distance of 50m from the arrivals-exit door.