OptoScreener – Automated Checkpoint Threat Detection

OptoScreener: Detection Solution for X-Ray Screening Systems


Optosecurity’s unique OptoScreener® is the world’s first system to add intelligence to checkpoint x-ray machines, thus introducing automated threat detection for liquid threats as well as for weapons concealed in personal belongings. Its unique threat detection algorithms are based on context understanding derived from intelligent 3D computer vision and material science.This breakthrough combination of disruptive patented technologies makes it now possible to see beyond what humans are capable of with the naked eye.

The OptoScreener is designed as an in-line detection system aimed at preventing terrorist events or attacks in high-profile facilities, such as airports and critical infrastructures. A unique system for carry-on luggage and personal items screening, the company’s technology improves the performance of existing and new baggage x-ray imaging systems by automatically detecting concealed weapons and liquid explosives in container volumes up to 2l.

Using a dedicated tray, our unique approach for explosive liquid detection enables us to screen multiple containers simultaneously and discriminate between harmful and safe liquids even when their physical properties are very similar.

The OptoScreener is the only system capable of performing cost-effective and precise automated in-line liquid threat and weapon detection on conventional X-ray machines. The OptoScreener provides a reliable decision-support solution that increases the probability of threat detection for 100% pre-board screening, without adding secondary processes. The system assists screeners by highlighting areas of interest and providing alert messages and critical information about possible threats.

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