eVelocity – Remote Screening Software for Carry-On Baggage

eVelocity: Remote Screening Software for Carry-On Baggage


eVelocity is the world’s first remote screening software dedicated to carry-on baggage. Currently used on more than 150 lanes, it is also the world’s most deployed solution of its kind. Setting the new standard for innovative security checkpoints, it helps airports increase throughput, enhance security, reduce operational costs, and improve passenger experience.

Throughput increase

By allowing airports to increase the number of screening operators during peak times, remote screening gives security operator more flexibility and improves resource utilisation, resulting in a significant increase in passenger throughput.

Enhanced security

eVelocity’s common image analysis interface and its realistic FTI and CTI TIP libraries facilitate the training process and help improve the screening operators’ performance. Centralised image processing also reduces the risks of collusion and improves working conditions by removing any contact between the operators and the employees or passenger being screened and by providing an environment that is free of distractions.

Reduced costs

Remote screening allows a single screener to operate multiple lanes, which significantly reduces the workload during slow periods and induces significant cost savings. By maintaining or increasing passenger throughput with fewer lanes, eVelocity can also delay the need for capital expenditure as security checkpoint extensions can be avoided.

Improved passenger experience

Centralised image processing helps make the security screening process seamless to passengers as queueing times are dramatically reduced and the constant analysis of images create a steady flow at the lanes. Combined with automated security lanes, eVelocity can also improve the divesting process to limit unnecessary wait time.

Improved monitoring capabilities

eVelocity integrates data acquired from x-ray systems, trace detectors, walk-through metal detectors and automated security lanes. It grants security operators access to real-time operational data and to powerful reporting tools such as eDashboard and eXplorer, improving airports’ monitoring capabilities.

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