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ArcPORT is a fast time simulation software focused on the analysis of passengers and baggage in airport terminals and other passenger transit facilities.

The software offers advanced features for modelling, simulating and evaluating the operations, efficiencies and capacity of entire terminals or isolated processes such as check-in halls, security, immigration or waiting lounges.

Designers, planners, airlines and operators use ArcPORT to evaluate designs, process or system changes, infrastructure modification or expansion requirements, as well as in many other what-if scenarios to enable stakeholders to make better informed decisions before incurring significant costs.

ArcPORT includes functionality to generate presentation-ready data tables, graphs, movies and images, as well as specialised illustrations of moving objects including heat maps and tracks. This allows users to easily extract reports and analyse results. All reports are exportable to CSV files for further post-processing and analysis.


ArcPORT provides a platform to evaluate and communicate the effectiveness of new or revised terminal layouts or operational processes, maximising benefits and minimising costs. It covers all types of people (and their items) movement and their interactions with processes, from macro to micro modelling. Pivotal concepts and key benefits of ArcPORT are:

  • Simulate and visualise processes and systems
  • Analyse capacity
  • Examine what-if scenarios
  • Optimise operations
  • Measure Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Analyse new layouts
  • Evaluate infrastructure constraints
  • Report and communicate results
  • Build stakeholder consensus
  • Maximise benefits, minimise costs

ArcPORT empowers airport operations and planning staff to make informed decisions. The software provides an extensive array of functionality so that decisions can be reached in a cost-effective and educated manner, factoring in financial and environmental impacts.

Learn more about ArcPORT by filling out the enquiry form on this page, or by downloading the brochure available here.

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