Global IT provider SITA has unveiled its new Smart Path technology, which allows passengers to check-in and board an aeroplane after a biometric check.

Once verified, the travellers will be allowed to travel without needing to show any boarding pass, passport or travel documents at each step of their journey.

The biometric test will capture passenger information during a facial scan at the first journey point.

A secure biometric token will be generated after the record is verified against the passenger’s travel documents, particularly their passport.

The token will allow access to passengers from check-in to boarding to exit, simply with a facial scan.

SITA’s Smart Path solution can be integrated with existing airport infrastructure and airline systems, as well as government databases, to enable easy immigration and border checks.

Airport Solutions vice-president Matthys Serfontein said: "We have built on this unique expertise to create SITA Smart Path – a single, secure, self-service process using existing common-use infrastructure which works seamlessly with multiple airline and Government systems.

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"Smart Path simplifies secure, passenger processing for everyone; airlines, airports and border authorities."

"Smart Path simplifies secure, passenger processing for everyone; airlines, airports and border authorities."

SITA is working with several airlines and airports to integrate biometrics into their passenger journey process.

SITA is working to integrate biometrics for several airports and airline worldwide, the majority of which it expects to use the technology by 2020.

Serfontein added: "The key to single-token travel is gathering and verifying data as early in the process as possible in order to establish a robust token. This includes both biometric and biographic information.

"And then if necessary to update it with more detailed information from airline, airport or government systems at various steps in the journey. That is exactly how we have designed SITA Smart Path."

Image: The single biometric token will give access to passengers from check-in to exit. Photo: courtesy of SITA.