Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) in the US is set to make gates, retail, and food and beverage services beyond its security checkpoint accessible to the public from 5 September.

To be launched as part of the US Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) pilot programme, PIT will become the first airport in the country to allow the public to move past the checkpoint without requiring any airline ticket.

As part of the new programme, dubbed ‘myPITpass’, the public will be able to acquire an annual pass that will allow them to greet passengers, shop and dine at the airport’s airside terminal.

Individuals who wish to use the terminal are required to check in on the airport's third-floor ticketing level, produce a valid photo identity proof, have their names checked against the No Fly list, and obtain a stamped myPITpass.

"Participants should be prepared to receive the same level of security screening as travellers."

Finally, they need to pass through security checkpoints following the same rules as observed by departing passengers.

All rules for carry-on luggage are also applicable to those receiving the myPITpass for airside terminal access.

TSA PIT federal security director Karen Keys-Turner said: “The TSA is pleased to support PIT on the launch of their myPITpass programme.

“Participants should be prepared to receive the same level of security screening as travellers and should ensure they’re not carrying any prohibited items such as weapons before coming through the security checkpoint.”

PIT operates a total of 16 airlines and handles more than eight million passengers each year.