London Heathrow Airport handled 7.53 million passengers in July, marking a 1.2% rise compared to the same month in 2016.

On average, the airport welcomed 243,000 passengers each day during the month.

Middle Eastern destinations from Heathrow Airport saw a 7% rise in passenger numbers to the region.

Additional flight services from the airport to Brazil resulted in a 3% rise in passenger traffic to Latin America.

The recently launched Flybe flight services from Heathrow to Scotland posted a 5% growth in passenger numbers to UK destinations.

During the month, freight volume transported through the UK airport registered a significant growth of 15% to 143,000t.

The surge in cargo traffic was driven mainly by American Airlines, which supported a 44% growth in trade through London Heathrow.

"July was the best month in Heathrow’s history."

North America registered a 16% surge in cargo volumes, while East Asia posted a 14% rise driven by the strong growth in cargo flown to China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Heathrow Airport CEO John Holland-Kaye said: “Britain’s global gateway is hard at work this summer holiday season – July was the best month in Heathrow’s history.

“With more passengers than ever and trade growing at the fastest rate ever recorded, Heathrow is helping Britain show the world our country is open for business.”

In June 2017, the airport handled 6.76 million passengers, marking a 2.3% rise in traffic compared to the same month last year.

Image: A significant rise in cargo volumes to East Asia was driven by strong growth in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Photo: courtesy of Heathrow Airport.