Mangalore International Airport

Airports Authority of India (AAI) has secured approval from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to roll out a new air traffic management (ATM) system at Mangalore International Airport in the state of Karnataka.

The new ATM system, ‘AirCon 2100’, will improve the safety of air traffic control operations at the airport.

Supplied by the Spanish company Indra, the system has been put through a thorough safety assessment and extensive testing in ‘shadow mode’ before commissioning begins.

AirCon-2100, which is in line with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s standards and recommended practices in air traffic management, will offer information on air movements from radar to air traffic controllers.

It will also provide authorities with information on direction finders, flight plans and air-ground data link messages.

The system will offer major automation of the control tasks with flight plan management tools, automatic aircraft tracking systems, coordination between control positions and control centres, safety nets and medium-term traffic conflict prediction tools.

"The new ATM system, ‘AirCon 2100’, will improve the safety of air traffic control operations at the airport."

AirCon-2100 has the capacity to process information from other radar feeds and display at Mangalore Airport in order to expand the radar coverage area.

Its control tools assist air traffic controllers’ decision making and judgment, while facilitating safe handling of traffic and reducing the workload.

The controllers receive warnings at times when there is potential threat to the safety of aircraft.

The control tower can check aircraft profiles during the approach and landing and warn the pilot if the flight is dangerously positioned while reaching the runway.

Image: The new ATM system will improve the complete safety of air traffic control operation at Mangalore International Airport. Photo: courtesy of Premkudva.