London Gatwick Airport has set out two new frameworks for construction works, as part of its £1.15bn capital investment programme.

In order to support the five-year transformation plan, a total of 18 specialist consultancies have been selected by Gatwick for the two awards, which include its design and engineering services framework and the professional services resource framework.

The selection has been followed by a rigorous procurement process that involved interest from more than 250 organisations, with more than 130 formal applications being assessed by the airport.

Gatwick Airport construction director Raymond Melee said: “It’s an exciting time at Gatwick as we kick off our five-year capital investment programme with £1.15bn committed up to 2022 and £240m planned for 2017/18 alone.

“We are halfway through a £2.7bn transformation programme as we plan for more growth and improved efficiency, while also maintaining our record levels of passenger satisfaction.”

The airport has awarded preferred bidder status to 13 consultants, which will provide building, civil engineering and mechanical / electrical design services across small, medium and large projects.

Gatwick has awarded seven other consultants with the professional services resource framework that will continue for a period of four years.

"We are halfway through a £2.7bn transformation programme as we plan for more growth and improved efficiency."

Under the framework, the organisations will provide the airport with commercial and project management resources, such as contract administrators, cost engineers, estimators, project managers, engineers, planners and risk managers.

In addition, some of the awardees might be called upon to deliver principal design services, traffic and financial consultancy, and business planning.

The transformation projects include reconfiguration of stands to accommodate a variety of aircraft, as well as constructing a new hangar in partnership with Boeing.

Furthermore, Pier 6 will be expanded to enhance pier service levels, and a new domestic arrivals facility is planned to be constructed in South Terminal, while the roll of the airport’s self-service bag drop solution will continue. 

Image: An aerial view of London Gatwick Airport. Photo: courtesy of Gatwick Airport.