Almaty airport

Kazakhstan air navigation service provider (ANSP) Kazaeronavigatsia has commenced operations of the Phoenix multi-sensor data-fusion system at Almaty International Airport.

The system, provided by German company DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung, has been installed to offer air traffic control service in the airport’s new contingency tower.

The Phoenix system will process and display sensor data for approach and aerodrome control, in addition to offering en-route, ground control and taxiing guidance.

Phoenix features the tracker, which has the ability to process sensor and position data from a total of fifty sensors.

The German ANSP has equipped four working positions in the tower with Phoenix, which includes safety net functions.

During the operations, if the primary system in the control tower fails to function, the three controllers and a supervisor will be able to continue controlling the arriving and departing traffic at the airport with the help of the contingency tower.

The further working position could be deployed to process flight plan data, Notice To Airmen (NOTAM) and weather data, which is exchanged globally through the Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN).

"Phoenix features the tracker, which has the ability to process sensor and position data from a total of fifty sensors."

The tower is also equipped with a working position to monitor the system and the hardware, while an extra special working position will allow recording and replaying certain operational situations whenever required.

Kazaeronavigatsia system engineer Dmitry Nikishin said: "The precision, performance and flexibility of the tracker allow us to keep up capacity at the airport if we have to use the contingency tower."

DFS received contract from Kazakh system provider Technology Information Systems (TIS), which had won tender from Kazaeronavigatsia to provide a new tower and approach system.

As part of the contract, DFS also offered system training for Kazakh technicians and air traffic controllers.

Image: DFS’s Phoenix multi-sensor data-fusion system will also offer Almaty International Airport’s contingency tower with en-route, ground control and taxiing guidance. Photo: courtesy of Jake73.