Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) in the US is set to undergo a $70m terminal renovation with the refurbishment of Concourse B as part of the facility’s Destination CLT project. 

The upgrade will include installation of new wall panels and ceiling tiles, laying new carpet in the seating areas, and providing improved seating arrangements with integrated power USB ports.

In addition, terrazzo flooring will be placed in the centre walkway of the concourses to better accommodate rolling luggage.

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), electrical, fire alarm and sprinkler systems will also be modernised.

Work on the project is slated to start at Gates 13 to 16 located at the far end of Concourse B, and is planned to be performed in stages while moving towards the atrium.

"April registered 20 deals worth more than $100m each, totalling $16.1bn in value."

Refurbishment of Concourse B at CLT is scheduled to be complete in 14 months, with upgrade works on Concourses A and E starting in mid-2018, with renovation of Concourses C and D set to begin in early 2019.

The complete CLT terminal modernisation project is slated to be complete by early 2020.

Terminal redevelopment is the fifth project in the Destination CLT programme, which represents a $2.5bn capital investment in capacity enhancement projects.

Projects currently being carried out under the programme include elevated roadway and terminal curb front, and expansion of Concourses A and E.