The John G Diefenbaker International Airport in Saskatoon, Canada, has completed its terminal construction and renovation project worth $53m.

The newly-constructed terminal that has been designed by the Kindrachuk Agrey team will sport a new security scanning area and an improved post-security area. It will also have new food and beverage options including Starbucks and Refuel.

Capable of servicing up to ten airplanes at a time, the modernised airport will also boast of power outlets in all seating areas, a fireplace seating area, additional gates and loading areas.

"We now have a boost in services, and a boost in the facility."

Saskatoon Airport Authority CEO Steve Maybury was quoted by the Global News as saying: "As a sparkplug of the economic engine here in the community we needed to have a facility that allows for international trade and the movement of goods and people throughout the globe.

"We now have a boost in services, and a boost in the facility."

Speaking about the design, prime architect Derek Kindrachuk told Global News: "We wanted to ensure you can find your way through the terminal efficiently, in a stress-free way while still drawing on unique design concepts."

"The main corridor of the building has a fabric ceiling that emulates a jet stream," said Kindrachuk.

"As you come up the escalators you’ll find that jet stream starts low and takes off in elevation as you walk down the concourse of the building."

Big windows will allow passengers to see the planes arriving and departing on the tarmac.

The expansion project that had an approved budget of $53m was mainly funded through existing funds and the Airport Improvement Fees (AIF).