Airports of Thailand (AOT) has started a one-month trial of new full-body scanner technology at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand.

The GEN2 body scanner has been developed by Brijot Imaging Systems and imported by Law Enforcement Technology Solutions.

The THB3.5m ($105,517) scanner uses a millimetre-long wave imaging system to create real-time passive scans that can detect explosives, weapons, contraband, stolen electronic items or restricted goods such as bottles of liquid or gels.

The scanner does not reveal passengers’ physical details or cause radioactive harm.

The new scanner’s accuracy, ease of use and size will be evaluated by the AOT during the trial period.

Law Enforcement Technology Solutions general manager Tachit Tivaruan-grong said the GEN2 body scanner has an accuracy rate of 80%.

England and Indonesia are the other nations testing the scanner.