Dublin Airport in Ireland has launched its new airport geographic information systems app to monitor its assets around the airport to obtain real-time information.

To design the new app, the airport’s engineers used geographic information systems (GIS) technology provided by software partner Esri Ireland.

The app has been customised to track and monitor various assets such as escalators, security system, lifts, baggage systems, car park, boarding gates, runways, and taxiways.

Using the new app, airport officials can obtain information about critical assets and recommend quick, accurate measures in case of any issues.

“This new system gives us a better understanding of how our passengers are interacting with our facilities and assets.”

Dublin Airport spatial data manager Morgan Crumlish said: “Dublin Airport has more than 30,000 assets across the airport’s campus, so we needed a way to identify them quickly if a problem occurs.

“This new system gives us a better understanding of how our passengers are interacting with our facilities and assets and pinpoints exact locations where issues need to be addressed so we can respond immediately.”

Observations drawn from real-time monitoring of pavements, runways, taxiways, and stands get recorded on the app. This will make it easy to schedule maintenance works and keep a track until they are finished.

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According to Dublin Airport, the app also enables enhanced reporting and assessment of information. It highlights trends related to management of airport assets.

Crumlish added:  “An important feature of the app is that it demonstrates our compliance with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) aerodrome licencing regulations and the asset management ISO Standard 55001.”

The app is currently being used by teams in Asset Care and Airfield Operations. It will soon be used by Dublin Airport fire and rescue service, quality improvement department, commercial property department, and the operations airside management unit.

Last year, Dublin Airport handled 31.5 million passengers, a 6% increase on the previous 12 months.