Exploring India's ambitious growth plans: AIR Issue 43
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Exploring India’s ambitious growth plans: AIR Issue 43

08 May 2019 (Last Updated May 8th, 2019 13:16)

In this issue: India's plans to build 200 new airports by 2040, examining European aviation growth in 2018, and more.

Exploring India’s ambitious growth plans: AIR Issue 43

India’s civil aviation ministry recently released its ‘Vision 2040’ document, which sets out plans to have 200 airports serving the country by 2040. But just how will such capacity be achieved? We look into India’s grand plans for air travel.

Elsewhere, robotics are again taking centre stage: a brand new maintenance robot has been undertaking work on a Boeing 737 by moving all around the exterior of the aircraft, in a bid to revolutionise complex structural inspection tasks.

In the Netherlands, local authorities are struggling with a decision whether or not to expand Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport as it pushes the limits of capacity, and finally, we discuss the security landscape in more detail with Stephen Cooper OBE, the director of operational solutions at Apstec Systems.

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In this issue

Countering drones at airports: what technology options are out there?

A recent spate of incidents involving drones at airports in the UK, the US and the UAE has focused public and media attention on the threat they pose to critical airspace. Julian Turner talks to Adam Lisberg of Chinese company DJI about advancements in drone detection systems.

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Europe’s airports in 2018: talking points from a year of massive growth

Last year saw 136.6 million additional passengers at Europe’s airports, with the top five alone welcoming an additional 16.5 million passengers. Using data provided by ACI Europe, Patrick Kingsland takes a look at the main talking points from an epic year of air travel in Europe.

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Snowed under: mapping US airports’ winter woes

Late January 2019 brought an icy polar vortex to the US, sweeping across the Midwest and Northeast and crippling flight schedules across the region. How did this frigid weather pattern – and the so-called ‘bomb cyclone’ that followed – affect operations at some of the US’s major air hubs? Chris Lo finds out.

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Future tech: robotic repair on the runway

A team of researchers has successfully trialled a four-wheel robot capable of carrying out structural inspections on aircraft. The robot, which was tested at Cranfield University, can stick to and move around the sides and underbelly of an aircraft, as it hopes to revolutionise and automate aircraft maintenance. Adele Berti reviews the technology.

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Skyway vision: an analysis of India’s airport ambitions

India’s civil aviation ministry recently revealed its intention to build 200 new airports by 2040 in a bid to serve the country’s growing air passenger traffic numbers. But with its perennially underperforming domestic airlines and airports, should such plans be taken with a grain of salt? Ross Davies reports.

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Do not disturb: airports helping passengers find some peace and quiet

The number of sleep pods or capsule hotels at airports is increasing as the business travel market continues to grow. Could that mean business travel having a negative effect on our health? And how do these sleep pods work? Frances Marcellin takes a closer look.

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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: finding the right way to grow

As Amsterdam Schiphol Airport pushes towards its limit of 500,000 flight movements a year, the Dutch Government and local authorities have a dilemma: should the airport be expanded or should a new facility be built? Heidi Vella investigates.

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Discussing airport security with Stephen Cooper OBE

With thousands of passengers passing through their doors on a daily basis, international airports require the utmost security. Could a new high-footfall screening system, developed by APSTEC Systems, soon become a mainstay in departure halls? Ross Davies meets Stephen Cooper, the group’s director of operational solutions and integration, to find out more.

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Next issue | June 2019

In our June edition, we analyse the special privileges national air carriers receive on the regular, and ask whether some of these benefits are being passed down to their passengers.

We also take on a big quest: following IATA’s recent boasts that aviation helps lift entire communities out of poverty, we set out to find if this is really true, and if so – how?

In a special photo feature, we take of tour of the otherworldly Jewel Changi Airport, a mixed-use development which includes a canopy park, sky nets, discovery slides and much more.

Finally, we round up the top lessons learned from ACI’s Combating Human Trafficking handbook and report from this year’s Passenger Terminal Expo.