Airport Industry Review: Issue 44
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Airport Industry Review: Issue 44

05 Jun 2019 (Last Updated June 5th, 2019 14:45)

In this issue: the impact of aviation on impoverished communities, Singapore Changi Airport’s dazzling ‘Jewel’ expansion, autonomous vehicles for baggage handling, and more.

Airport Industry Review: Issue 44

In the latest issue of AIR magazine, we ask whether trade, tourism and employment opportunities created by the aviation sector are having a positive impact on impoverished communities worldwide.

With human trafficking still a major problem, we explore the behaviours that airport staff should look for in potential victims, as well as the key points of ACI’s new Combatting Human Trafficking Handbook.

Also in this issue; could conveyor belt systems traditionally used for baggage handling be replaced by fully autonomous vehicles? Dutch automation specialist Vanderlande aims to find out, having begun a new trial of its FLEET system at Hong Kong Airport.

Finally, we take a look at a new sports app offering in-flight exercise tutorials and give our five takeaways from London’s massive Passenger Terminal Expo event.

Farewell to the flag: is the era of the national airline over?

Many national airlines have flown their host countries’ flag for decades, but there’s a debate around whether they still have a place in today’s ultra-competitive market. Chris Lo asks, with the future of Malaysian Airways, Alitalia and South African Airways in doubt, can national airlines continue to thrive in the 21st century?

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Can airports help lift communities out of poverty?

Growing public pressure is prompting the aviation sector to contribute more to ending poverty and boosting trade opportunities in emerging countries. Whether directly or indirectly, the industry has welcomed the challenge and is looking at ways to help. Adele Berti finds out more.

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In pictures: Jewel Changi Airport

Singapore’s seven-time winner of the ‘best airport of the year’ award, Changi Airport, has just added another jewel to its crown – and it’s something completely original. Adele Berti pores over some of the highlights at the newly opened Jewel Changi development.

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Developing autonomous baggage handling tech

Dutch logistics automation specialist Vanderlande has signed a partnership to trial autonomous baggage handling vehicles at Hong Kong Airport. Patrick Kingsland profiles the technology and asks how real-world experience could help shape the automated baggage handling systems of the future.

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Keeping fit while flying: a look inside the Travelletics app

Flying is often a stressful and painful experience – especially when it comes to long-haul flights, which require that passengers remain seated for hours. For this reason, a Germany-based fitness trainer has launched the world’s first sports app to feature exercises specifically designed for working out on a plane. Frances Marcellin takes a closer look to learn how this could help passengers combat flying-associated health problems

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Speaking out: the first Human Trafficking Handbook for airports

To assist airports in the fight against human trafficking, the ACI has launched its first Combatting Human Trafficking Handbook which draws on the experiences of airports affected and provides guidance on how to act. Frances Marcellin takes a closer look to find out some of the key lessons.

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The challenges of funding ground handling operations at UK airports

At a time of already tight margins, airports have got to invest money in new equipment to meet the demands of tomorrow – money they may not have. Daniel Bailey, managing director of Arkle Finance offers Patrick Kingsland his thoughts on the finance options open to airport operators and service companies in an ever-changing financial landscape

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Six things we learnt at Passenger Terminal Expo 2019

One of the most significant events of the year, Passenger Terminal Expo 2019 has attracted industry stakeholders from all around the world, who travelled to London to discuss key topics and shape the future of aviation. Adele Berti wraps up key learnings from the expo