SITA Launches New Generation Communications Platform for Singapore Airlines

SITA, the world’s leading specialist in air transport communication and IT solutions, today announced that Singapore Airlines is to be the first airline worldwide to use SITA’s next generation communications platform to manage its increasing demand for more bandwidth system-wide.

The unique approach will benefit Singapore Airlines in over 200 sites in 35 countries as it is rolled out over the coming months. The targeted increase in network capacity will lead to improved application performance and content performance, enhancing the airline’s reputation for innovation and customer service.

“It is an honour for SITA to have the support of Singapore Airlines, one of the world’s leading airlines, in the design and development of our existing AirportHub solution into a new generation communications platform to the benefit of both passengers and airlines with the goal of providing faster access to information,” said Rene Azoulai, SITA senior vice president of communications solutions. “We are moving into an age of digitally-equipped aircraft which are game changers for how IT infrastructure best supports airline business processes. This innovative communication platform which SITA has been working on with the support of a significant group of airlines is moving the industry in the right direction and will ensure that information can be distributed from HQ to outstations worldwide with speed and reliability.”

SITA’s new network solution combines existing features of IP VPN (internet protocol virtual private network), DSL (digital subscriber line) access and the AirportHub platform with value added from regional internet gateways.

This can assist in many different domains including moving large amounts of data necessary for aircraft engineering and maintenance management, airport operations, and enterprise solutions tailored to the air transport industry (ATI). Specific uses include the delivery of in-flight entertainment, electronic flight bags, e-learning, digital signage or access to constructor applications. Initially, Singapore Airlines will use the network solution for e-learning and intranet applications.

“SITA has deployed the common network AirportHub at 110 major airports around the world where it is used by 90 airlines, ground handlers and other customers. The concept is being broadened now to provide more IT services on demand. This network solution is AirportHub 3.0 in the making and will bring flexibility and economies of scale. This is important in the current economic climate,” said Azoulai.

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