SITA and LoyaltyPlus to Simplify Frequent Flyer Programmes

In a move that will provide airlines of all sizes with the ability to have a frequent flyer programme, SITA today announced a partnership with leading customer loyalty specialist, LoyaltyPlus, to integrate its solutions into SITA’s Horizon portfolio of passenger services, which are used by more than 130 airlines.

Len Lubbe, managing director of South African-based LoyaltyPlus, said: “Our extensive experience in the delivery of loyalty solutions is proven not only in airlines, such as Air Austral and the CelesteAir group, but also across other industries including banking, hotels and retail. Through this partnership with SITA, we are able to offer airlines a unique and adaptable system to manage a frequent flyer programme that will have a clear and quick return on investment.”

Horizon FrequentFlyer is an adaptable and customisable solution designed to meet the exact business needs of the airline. It has already been implemented by five SITA customers who previously had no frequent flyer programmes and it is expected that up to 15 airlines will adopt the solution in the near future.

Brian Cook, SITA’s senior vice-president for passenger solutions, said: “This is part of our ongoing programme to migrate core passenger-management systems to a next-gen technology platform using open systems. Enabling airlines to retain loyal customers is key and by integrating the frequent flyer solution with other passenger management components, SITA will empower airlines to improve their service through recognising customers’ preferences and special needs while also understanding their overall value to the airline.”

The system has the flexibility to be run in-house or as an application service provider (ASP) solution. This ensures that airlines can benefit quickly from a customer loyalty programme but with a low upfront investment and with costs that are aligned with their current business.

Designed to be accessible both in terms of price as well as functionality to all airlines, at the highest level Horizon FrequentFlyer offers a complete suite of capabilities, including CRM and campaign management, while the entry level offers an affordable solution for airlines with less sophisticated frequent flyer requirements.

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