SITA’s World Class Flight Information Display System Spreads to CIS States

An important transit point on the route from south-eastern Asia to Europe, Kazakhstan’s Almaty International Airport today announced a five-year deal with SITA for a substantial IT upgrade to the more than three-million passenger airport.

The leading CIS state is the first to adopt SITA’s Com-Net Flight Information Display System (FIDS) since Com-Net, the FIDS market leader in the US, was acquired by SITA nine months ago.

SITA will upgrade existing common use terminal equipment (CUTE) check-in facilities and improve the boarding process at the airport with the provision of its Maestro Departure Control System. Overall, SITA will provide and maintain 65 CUTE check-in counters and 90 FIDS screens or display points throughout the terminal.

Galymzhan Yespayev, Almaty International Airport IT department chief, said: “Almaty International Airport is fully committed to providing our customers with the best airport technology available. There is nothing more important to passengers checking-in or waiting to board than to have steady and constant access to real-time flight status updates. SITA’s Com-Net FIDS solution meets our needs perfectly.”

SITA’s acquisition of Com-Net is line with the company’s drive to strengthen its suite of airport management solutions which address all of an airport’s business requirements, including planning, tracking, real-time and irregular operations, flight displays and aeronautical billing.

Dmitry Krasnov, SITA sales director, said: “This is an important milestone in SITA’s collaboration with Almaty International Airport which has enormous growth potential. Sharing real-time information with passengers is at the heart of SITA’s intelligent airport vision and FIDS allied to the Maestro Departure Control System is an essential part of that vision.”

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