SITA Releases Free White Paper on the Digital Aircraft

SITA has released a free white paper on the Airport-Technology website.

The internet hasn’t just changed the way we communicate – it has irrevocably altered the way we live, work, consume and spend our free time. now, technologies that use the internet protocol (ip) in the air transport industry will lead to a similarly dramatic transformation – this time to aircraft operations, whether on the ground or in-flight.

Nowhere will this transformation be more evident than the way aircraft communicate. Today, most options for onboard and external data communications offer limited capacity and versatility. This explains why the amount of information that can be exchanged is restricted to short messages, mainly in predetermined formats. it also explains why a proportion of communications are still conducted over voice. what’s more, while the plane is on the ground, there are currently only limited ways of cost-effectively transferring large amounts of information and many of these involve manual downloads and physical storage media.

To download this free white paper click here

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