How Insero Software Provides an Overview of the Weather Conditions on Greenland's Military Bases - Airport Technology
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How Insero Software Provides an Overview of the Weather Conditions on Greenland’s Military Bases

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The changeable weather conditions on Greenland make it difficult to transport material and personnel to and from the island. Previously, the weather conditions were manually observed through a few unreliable sensors.

The meteorological automatic weather observation system (AWOS) provides airports and helipads with an overview of the current weather conditions. Through a variety of weather sensors, the system delivers reliable meteorological data for landing personnel and incoming airplanes as RVR, METAR or MET.

AWOS is installed on several international airports such as Copenhagen and Keflavik and on every medium-sized Danish airports. The system is scalable and therefore suited for unmanned airstrips and helipads, where local weather conditions make it difficult to land.

The scalable system is operational on three military bases on Greenland; Station Nord, Daneborg and Mestersvig. Here, the system measures wind and gust, pressure and altitude, temperature, visibility, and skyheight. That provides a greater sense of security when flying equipment and personnel to Greenland, since the planes know exactly what weather conditions they are navigating in.

"The three military bases on Greenland were previously dependent on old and less reliable equipment. With the upgrade to AWOS, the bases have received a state-of-the-art system, that they can rely on providing them the right weather information", explains Kim Foged from Insero Software.

Two helipads stations on the Faeroe Islands have also invested in the fully automatic meteorological system AWOS. Here, the system delivers valuable weather information for domestic flights on the island.

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