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Black Box

KVM Solutions for Air Traffic and Ground Control Rooms

3 Bennet Court, Bennet Road,
RG2 0QX United Kingdom

Black Box

Black Box designs, sources and implements high-performance business systems that enhance network connectivity infrastructure for customers. The company is one of the largest providers of keyboard, video and mouse (KVM), audiovisual (AV), network and infrastructure solutions.

Black Box provides customised systems to meet clients’ specifications, and accompanies businesses at every stage, from planning to final installation and beyond. Its products and services improve the efficiency and productivity of airport control rooms and aviation processes.

Customers range from small and medium-sized companies to major multinational enterprises from all sectors, including utilities, aerospace and defence, telecommunications, broadcast / media, transport, healthcare and public safety.

KVM systems, networking solutions, and video wall controllers

Black Box provides desktop switches and point-to-point video, audio, and universal serial bus (USB) extenders, as well as high-performance KVM matrix switches, virtual desktop-extension solutions, and video wall controllers.

The company also offers an extensive range of solutions, including high-performance KVM systems, networking, proAV, digital signage, datacom, cabinets and racks. All products are provided with the industry’s best warranties and can be installed by Black Box’s certified engineers.

Airport control room solutions

Black Box offers application consultancy services for air traffic and ground control centres, as well as KVM, AV, IT infrastructure, and professional data visualisation solutions.

The company’s application engineers help clients to choose the right combination of technology for highly available and high-performance KVM switching and extension, video wall processing, virtual desktop and IT infrastructure, and operator ergonomics.

Black Box plans and implements hardware and software components in control rooms, using its extended knowledge in networking technology, cabling, networking and IT installation.

For more than 40 years, the company has been helping its customers to plan, install and maintain their KVM and networking solutions on a global scale.

High-performance KVM matrix switching and extension systems

Black Box’s switching and extension systems provide effective management of technology elements in air traffic control, ensuring a quiet work environment for users through proprietary or IP-based extensions for PCs and servers.

The systems enable multi-user real-time access in real-time for viewing and editing high-resolution content and sharing critical information.

Black Box’s systems are highly available and designed for 24/7 operations, with a redundant power supply, fail-safe switching for complete rooms and buildings, and hot-swappable components.

Low-latency data provision is crucial in environments where many users have to interface with different critical video and data feeds. The company’s systems help to improve reaction time on critical events and reduce downtime for IT equipment.

Black Box helps its customers to focus on their daily tasks with workflow enhancements, such as the Glide&Switch technology, which allows operators to switch between multiple desktops simply by moving a mouse.

The company’s easily expendable systems can be scaled across thousands of user workstations, and enable the extension of 4K60 video, USB, audio, and serial data over long distances via copper, fibre or the internet. The systems’ flexibility makes them reliable and future-proof, reducing further investment and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).

Mission-critical data visualisation, virtual desktop infrastructure and signage

Video wall solutions enable real-time switching of programme windows and content of any kind in control rooms, or across multiple rooms and buildings.

Black Box AV and video wall processing systems are modular, easily expandable and support a wide variety of interface cards, such as digital video interfaces (DVI), DisplayPort, serial digital interfaces (SDI) and high-definition multimedia interfaces (HDMI). The systems also support analogue interfaces, such as video graphics array (VGA) or composite.

Clients determine the video and data sources to be positioned on video walls, and Black Box helps to configure the system accordingly. The user-friendly software makes it easy to control the video walls and freely position any source on any screen.

The company’s virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology seamlessly integrates virtual machine (VM) desktops into the operator workspace by bridging the gap between internet protocol (IP) based KVM extension and switching applications, and access to virtual machines.

With an extended portfolio for digital signage solutions, Black Box delivers components for passenger information systems, terminal signage and commercial displays.

The signage solutions feature the correct combination of cables, AV extenders and content players, making them easy to set up, expandable and comfortable to operate.

Technology support centre for KVM, AV and networking solutions

Black Box offers technical support to help customers with their projects, and answers questions concerning KVM, AV and Networking without unnecessary waiting times.

The company has dedicated personnel to help customers build, manage, optimise and secure their IT infrastructure. It serves 175,000 international customers and works on large-scale projects in 141 countries from 187 offices worldwide.

Black Box Control Room and Video Wall Solutions at World ATM Congress

Black Box will be exhibiting at the World ATM Congress 2018 in Madrid, Spain on 6-8 March to showcase the company's advanced control room signal distribution and keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) technology, as well as innovative digital signage systems and video wall processors.

Black Box Network Services (UK) Ltd

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