ACAMS is Key Player for New ATC TWR at Cairo

ACAMS was selected by the Egyptian Orascom Construction Industries to supply a number of its airport tower solutions to the TWR at Cairo International Airport. Orascom is the main contractor involved in the construction and equipping of the new TWR at Cairo International Airport and ACAMS was selected by Orascom and approved by the Egyptian client (National Air Navigation Services Company).

ACAMS provided the following systems:

  • Navaids control and monitoring systems (ILS, DME, VOR, etc. for the three runways)
  • Airfield lighting control and monitoring systems (C&M of the complete AGL for the existing and new RWYS and TWYS)
  • Red telephone and fire alert system (VOIP-based and touch-screen-operated communication)
  • Operational interphone (VOIP-based and touch-screen-operated communication)
  • Runway occupancy system

The contract between Orascom and ACAMS was signed in February 2008. The new Cairo TWR is due to become operational in 2011.

“The word ‘proud’ does not sufficiently state our sentiment following the decision to choose our technical solutions. We consider it to be a tremendous honour to implement our systems in such an exceptionally designed landmark as that of the new Cairo TWR,” stated Mr Odd Thodesen, ACAMS partner and director of sales and marketing.

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