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Refurbishment and Repair of Airport Lighting Systems

Xantener Str. 16, 45479 Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany

AIRGLASS carries out refurbishment and repair work for a wide range of lighting systems at airports.

Based in Germany, the company offers a comprehensive range of services and products with individual refurbishment and repair concepts to airport operators. Its portfolio ranges from runway operation and management to technical system installations.

Customised lighting solutions for airports

AIRGLASS provides tailored and innovative solutions for civil and military airfields, obstacle lighting, helicopter landing sites and commercial airports. Services also include consultancy, maintenance and sanitisation.

The company has more than 20 years of experience in airport lighting and is one of the largest refurbishers of Airlight products in Germany. It has a comprehensive range of products and spare parts for Siemens, ABD, Thorn and ERNI lighting.

Refurbishment and repair services for airport lighting systems

AIRGLASS has developed a unique refurbishment concept that restores inset lights to an almost-new condition, making a significant cost saving for clients.

Light measurements have shown that our refurbished inset lights meet the same operating levels as OEM products. The development and application of our original prism polish has helped to achieve optimal results.

Prism polishing services

AIRGLASS offers a fine optical polish, which can be performed up to five times. It ensures that the prism is in optimal condition and regains its full power, which is important for high-performing inset lighting.

Surfaces of lighting prisms can be damaged, leading to loss of performance and bad light measurement values.

We have extensive experience in restoring prisms to a brand new state, including the use of our prism polish.

Colour filter restoration

Preserving the colour filter can be difficult due to pollution and corrosion that occurs over time.

AIRGLASS is experienced in refurbishing colour filters, using a process that includes revising the colour filters with a precision polish cleaning services. This ensures the optical properties are fully preserved, without the need for an expensive exchange.

Prisms are restored to their optimal performance with a fine-optical cut, specially developed by AIRGLASS. This procedure can be carried out five to seven times, depending on the maintenance cycle and the condition of the prism.

Reflector refurbishment for aviation lighting

Optimal lighting can only be achieved with technically optimised reflectors. Various elements can damage the surface of the reflector, resulting in poor values in light measurement.

AIRGLASS offers a complete range of reflector refurbishment solutions.

Used reflectors can be revised by de-coating and reflection to restore the original value. Depending on the condition of the reflector, this can be performed without any time limit and provide significant cost savings.

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