Vestergaard Company designs, manufactures and services advanced airport ground support equipment (GSE), including de-icers, aircraft washers, toilet and water service units.

De-icing equipment for the aviation industry

Vestergaard Elephant® aircraft de-icers aim to meet the operational needs in any modern airport environment, as well as provide customers with highly efficient, reliable and safe de-icing.

The company’s high-quality, environmentally friendly Elephant de-icers offer low fluid consumption and reduced maintenance costs.

The Elephant® Beta provides customers worldwide with highly efficient, reliable and safe de-icing. The extended telescope minimises application time, glycol usage and movement around the aircraft.
Vestergaard’s water and toilet service units are designed to fulfil customers’ specific GSE needs, and are built exclusively using high-quality components.
The company’s service team offers on-site, emergency technical assistance within 24 hours, if requested.

Comprehensive documentation and support, as well as a technical hotline / customer service is also available.

Toilet service units for airports

Vestergaard’s toilet service units (TSUs) offer highly efficient handling and maintenance of aircraft lavatories and are all equipped with a unique vacuum system. Their quick operation and large tank capacities decrease costs for large airport operators.

The performance of the company’s TSUs is the result of more than 30 years of product development, and Vestergaard uses high-quality components and materials to custom-create each TSU according to individual customer requirements.

Water service units for aircrafts

Vestergaard’s water service units (WSUs) efficiently and hygienically handle and refill potable water for aircraft.

Data transmission systems for safety documentation management for airports

The aviation industry requires increasingly more documentation for all safety-related actions such as de-icing operations.

With Vestergaard’s data transmission system (DTS), it is possible to record, document and process information on performed de-icing operations. The DTS is customisable to meet the customers’ specific demands.

Maintenance and inspection services for aviation GSE

All Vestergaard units are supplied with a comprehensive maintenance guideline, listing the servicing and maintenance to be carried out at what frequency, for safe and trouble-free operation. The company also delivers an urgent GSE and spare parts service with short turnaround times for busy airports operating in winter conditions.

Vestergaard’s technical inspection programme is becoming increasingly popular with clients, as it offers checking and reporting of all key functions and a full overhaul service.

Bespoke aviation service training courses

Vestergaard Academy develops and provides individually tailored training courses.

Aimed at developing the skills of operators and service personnel, the academy’s training sessions focus on the client’s specific requirements. Courses can be held either at the client’s premises or in Vestergaard’s on-site classrooms.

In 2008, all training activities were assembled within the framework of the Vestergaard Academy.