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NEW AXA 2400 Compact 400 Hz Converter Allows 400% Overload Capacity

The new AXA 2400 Compact 400 Hz power supply is ideal for all types of aircraft. It is the only GPU in the market with an overload capacity of merely 400%! – designed to make sure that airports, airlines, aircraft manufacturers and other players will not have to worry about aircraft overload requirements neither now nor in the years to come.

Beside the substantial overload, the AXA 2400 unit is a true power factor 1 unit that provides 90 kW continuous at an ambient temperature of 56°C. Also, the new power unit will not disturb any other users connected to the same mains supply because its’ overall harmonic content is less than 5% at input combined with the input power factor 1.

Of course the AXA 2400 unit follows the hallmarks of its predecessors. It is of highly modular construction that gives an easy and quick overview of all components and means easy operation and faultfinding as well. Besides, the AXA 2400 Compact has numerous features allowing easy connection to communication systems.

Most naturally, the new unit is equipped with an improved version of the patented Plug & Play system that provides a perfect regulation and a steady voltage at the aircraft plug. The best it can be. Definitely a unit that will keep aircraft captains around the world happy.

As a result of a common R&D platform, the AXA 2400 unit is equipped with a brand new display. The display is icon-based for easy and intuitive use. It is the first of many ITW GSE products with the same user friendly, high tech display.

Let us show you the latest ITW GSE innovation during the Inter Airport show.

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