Hog Technologies has released the Stripe Hog 5.2, a new water blasting system that can be mounted on a skid or a trailer.

Stripe Hog 5.2 is currently in production by Hog Technologies and is set to be our most affordable water blasting system do date.

The Stripe Hog 5.2 features the same 40,000psi (2,750 bar) as the company’s other water blasting models with a flow rate of 5.2gal per minute (19.6l per minute). The Stripe Hog 5.2 will contain a custom-made hybrid debris and fresh water tank with each compartment holding up to 600gal (2,271l).

The self-rotating Ground Hog HT1000SR walk-behind tool is included with the system and features a 14in (35.5cm) blasting head and a hose which will allow it to operate up to 100ft (30.48m) away from the unit.

“We’re very excited to add the Stripe Hog 5.2 to Hog Technologies’ expanding family of Hog Products,” says Vince Giordano, vice-president of sales. “Our customers have been asking for a smaller, more affordable water blaster and we have listened and delivered with another innovative solution.”

The Stripe Hog 5.2 is available to order now. Contact us using the enquiry form for more information.