Velcon Filters is pleased to announce the successful completion of a qualification test for the EI 1581 specification and qualification procedures for aviation jet fuel filter / separators, fifth edition.

The specification and qualification is as follows:

  • Category M (Military), Type S-LW, with JetA fuel: Filter/separator vessel (horizontal, end-opposed) HVS-3033 at 1057 USGPM, with 14 x I-624JF5TB coalescers and 8 x SO-614VSN5 synthetic separators

The test was the first for Velcon’s new JF5 coalescers, and VSN5 synthetic separators. The JF5 series coalescer cartridges and VSN5 series separators represent the next step up on the technology ladder with regards to increased solids holding capacity, efficient water removal, higher flow rates and extended service life.

This is Velcon’s 24th successful completion of the EI 1581 qualification requirements for the fifth edition of this specification.

Velcon Filters has been the leader in the fuel filtration industry for nearly 60 years.