In an effort to improve efficiency, Onur Air has been approved by the Turkish DGCA for Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Class II solution based on ‘FlySmart with Airbus’ iPad® on its Airbus fleet. By reducing paper-based materials, this solution allows flight crews to perform onboard tasks more efficiently and more accurately, such as aircraft performance computation for takeoff and landing, operations manual and navigation charts consultation.

Onur Air, Turkey’s largest private airline in terms of passenger numbers, has recently been approved to transition to paperless operations. Building on Airbus expertise, Airbus ProSky has guided Onur Air’s safe transition from paper to electronic data. With the support and approval of Airworthiness Authorities, Airbus ProSky has outlined best practices for ground administration, flight crew procedures and compliance to regulations.

"Airbus ProSky provided best-in-class recommendations for an optimised EFB implementation, through its thorough and personalised assessment of our current processes and procedures," said Teoman Tosun, CEO of Onur Air.

"This enabled National Authorities a smooth operational approval, by demonstrating the compliance with all necessary regulatory steps."

Paul Franck Bijou, CEO of Airbus Prosky, remarked: "Together, with Airbus, we are dedicated to providing the highest-standard services to customers for the EFB Implementation Phase and are delighted to see that Onur Air can, today, fly paperless."

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