Last month’s demonstration flight of required navigation procedures (RNP) AR was successfully performed at Liping Airport with an A320 aircraft belonging to China Eastern. The flight marked a significant step in enhancing safety for operators at Liping Airport. Under the safety agreement between Airbus and China Civil Aviation Authority (CAAC), Airbus ProSky has worked with CAAC and China Eastern in developing and validating RNP AR procedures.

Due to close terrain just to the south-west of the runway, the steep approach from the south has been a concern for operators, often causing diversions and cancellations when the prevailing wind requires the aircraft to approach from the south-west.

The new RNP AR procedures will replace visual approaches and provide stabilised approach with accurate lateral and vertical guidance to the aircraft, which will reduce pilot workload and enhancing safety.

Yang Honghai, deputy director general of the CAAC’s department of flight standards stated: "These new procedures will enhance the safety and efficiency of operations at Liping Airport.

"We are pleased to work with Airbus ProSky as their continued work on air traffic management in China is helping transform our airspace as overall demand increases. Safety and efficiencies benefits are essential to our airports."

Deng Yuelian, deputy general manager for safety supervision of China Eastern Airlines commented: "China Eastern Airlines is proud to be the launch operator, and we believe that these RNP AR procedures will significantly reduce the flight crew’s workload."

Yang Zhigang, senior director of product safety says: "Airbus has been dedicated to enhancing flight operational safety, and we are proud to support the CAAC’s safety initiative at Liping Airport."

Cunmei Li, Airbus ProSky regional director, stated: "Airbus ProSky values our relationship with CAAC and China Eastern, and we will continue to support Chinese authority and operators to increase efficiency."

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