Trivandrum, India — In a ground-breaking initiative, IBS Software, a leading multi-national corporation providing IT solutions to the global travel, transportation and logistics industries, has launched an airline ‘Manpower Management’ solution that has been developed with significant inputs from four leading global airlines – Air Astana, easyJet Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and Qatar Airways.

A manpower planning system is a strategic business-planning tool that enables airlines to plan cost-effective and efficient operation of its fleet with an optimal level of properly trained and appropriately qualified crew. The solution is the first of its kind and goes way beyond the traditional thinking in the area of airline crew management. It enables faster, smarter crew allocation decisions leading to a reduction in crew costs through improved recruitment plans, training plans and crew movement profiles.

Manpower management for airline crews

Manpower management is a key part of an airline’s crew management function. Crew costs typically represent around 20% of an airline’s cost base; consequently a few percentage points’ change in crew manpower requirement can result in significant savings in crew costs and an increase in profit margin.

The new manpower management solution is a culmination of extensive R&D over a period of 14 months requiring significant commitment of resources and investment. The CGI members have worked closely with IBS in the development phases, as well as evaluation and testing of early product releases. iFlight Crew manpower management underpins the entire crew planning and management process for the airline, providing unparalleled visibility, transparency and accuracy of the manpower plan from conception through to execution.

“The CGI is an innovative approach for product development adopted by IBS and, we are delighted to have such reputed names partnering with us in creating the manpower management solution. In addition to business consultancy, what we offer is a pioneering product that captures the industry requirements, enhances operational efficiency whilst reducing operational costs,” said Mr VK Mathews, chairman and CEO of IBS Group.

Air Astana, easyJet, Malaysia Airlines and Qatar Airways, together with IBS, formed the Core Group of Influence (CGI) to develop the manpower management solution. The CGI is a unique business model pioneered by IBS to bring together select members of the user industry to develop a product that incorporates industry best practices and addresses key industry requirements. The CGI is therefore an alliance of IT specialists and end users, united in a common goal, working together to produce a solution that conforms to the evolving needs of the industry. It is also a platform for airlines and solution providers to exchange experiences, knowledge and concerns in order to derive synergy through sharing of information.