Frankfurt Airport is now operating as one of the first four A-CDM airports in Europe with ATRiCS technology in use.

It has been the common aim and joint effort of Fraport AG and DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung to reach full compliance with all European A-CDM Standards. To meet this challenge Fraport chose ATRiCS to provide the pre-departure sequence planner to technically support the A-CDM process now in place.

A-CDM IT-project manager at Fraport, Christian Huebner said: “ATRiCS has made a major contribution to our success in meeting the highly ambitious deadlines we had for this project and that we have been able to provide our operations with an outstanding pre-departure sequence planner.”

“Naturally we are delighted that Fraport chose ATRiCS for this key part of A-CDM” commented Wolfgang Hatzack, CEO of ATRiCS. “The pre-departure sequencer was developed specifically for the Frankfurt A-CDM process and meets their needs precisely.”

All partners at Frankfurt airport including Fraport (airport operator), DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung (German ATC) and the ground handling companies benefit now from better quality information. The improved departure sequence information results in an optimal use of the runway resources as well as a reduction of taxi times and waiting times at the runways with consequent environmental and economic benefits. The improved information is also sent to the European Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU) in Brussels. The improved quality of information brings benefits for the interdependent European airport network by allowing a better coordination of traffic between the airports.