Lifts All Airport Handling Solutions are happy to introduce the Container Loading System (CLS) at Passenger Terminal Expo 2011 in Copenhagen.

The CLS has been developed in conjunction with experienced baggage handlers from Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. Powered solely by compressed air, it is a silent, fast and durable extension of the users arm and a revolution for baggage handling between the conveyor belt and the ULD.

The user easily learns how to use the CLS due to its instinctive way. The CLS works on both hard and soft luggage, which can easily be moved from the belt into the container, where it is smoothly placed with exact precision, in the most space efficient way. With CLS heavy lifting is a distant memory.

Installation is simple as the CLS can be mounted in rails in the ceiling or on the ground, depending on the customer’s wishes and the assigned work area and it works on all types of airplane containers.

Baggage Handler BHV will also be presented at the fair. This ergonomic vacuum lift is developed together with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and can lift bags weighing up to 100kg / 220lbs and soft ones as well as hard ones.

Lifts All is a 30 year old company with extensive experience in complete Bal-Trol lift systems for the airport, automotive and manufacturing industries. Lifts All has over 3,000 types of lifts and still loves a challenge.

Lifts All Airport Solutions will be at the Passenger Terminal Expo, 29-31 March 2011 at Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark, stand number 7085.