Materna IPS and MODI have participated in the Department of Homeland (DHS) Security Science and Technologies (S&T) Biometrics Rally in the Washington region, US.

This is the second year that DHS S&T have held this rally and the second time that Materna and MODI were selected as participants. The DHS Biometrics Rally brings together experts, selected technology providers, and volunteers to test new and existing biometric technology systems and solutions. The goal is to drive technology and improve product capabilities.

At the two-week event in May 2019, DHS S&T examines and compares the technology systems in terms of transaction times, throughput, read and recognition rates, error rates, satisfaction scores, security, and correct identity matching within a given time interval. The 2019 DHS Biometric Technology Rally tested the state of the biometric industry with regard to high-throughput systems. Biometric image capture systems (‘acquisition systems’) and biometric matching algorithms (‘matching systems’) were tested independently. After evaluating all these aspects, DHS recently announced the final results: Of the 11 participants worldwide, Materna and MODI took third place.

The Materna IPS / MODI solution captured 100% of all subjects

The Materna IPS/MODI solution was put through its paces in a comparison scenario based on a replicated boarding process of an airline. The test users passed through the capture zone and then gave their feedback on the user experience. The biometric images that were registered were also compared for consistency with a previously registered photograph of each person.

Materna/MODI used a one-door face recognition biometric entrance gate without any modifications for the rally. This standard setup achieved a 3.1 seconds average throughput time, and all of the 430 participants were captured within this time. The strategy of allowing the wearing of caps, hats and glasses was also successful: 429 of the 430 participants were matched to the leading matching system within the separate Matcher rally.

Materna IPS and MODI with the only end-to-end biometric solution

Materna IPS, together with MODI, provides well-developed biometrics solutions for aviation, government and commercial environments.  As an expert in automated passenger solutions, Materna IPS is also actively participating with US Customs and Border Protection on the Entry / Exit program. In collaboration with its partner MODI, Materna IPS was the only company to present a complete solution for the use of biometrics at airports at the DHS Biometrics Rally 2019. The guests at the event were impressed by the capture speed and quality in capturing faces.

MODI is a full solutions provider for capturing and matching the biometric ID of travelers for a more comfortable, faster and safer journey. MODI’s Face on the Move technology has been a standard for more than ten years and combines robustness under different light conditions with 3D capturing and artificial intelligence. The result is a biometric product portfolio cover a wide range of different use cases which are not limited to the travel industry.

Materna IPS and MODI are honored to be selected in two consecutive years as one of the industry participants to test their products with DHS S&T. The outstanding results and evaluation provide continued affirmation that Materna/MODI solutions are the right choice for both aviation and commercial environments.