Hyundai Refines Ride Quality with a Desktop Simulator

Automotive expert Hyundai has expanded its testing capabilities with a Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) simulator for benchmarking its new vehicles.

Supplied by Brüel & Kjær, the Desktop NVH Simulator accurately reproduces the noise and vibration of a vehicle in a realistic interactive driving environment. Virtual, in-car testing allows automotive designers to experience first-hand the noise and vibration environment within vehicles, before they’ve been fully built.

Hyundai’s new models are currently being built in Korea and will be sent to Germany for performance acceptance testing and investigations into their acoustic behaviour. Once these tests are complete, Hyundai can easily modify and engineer the sound of its vehicles to meet brand and customer expectations.

The Desktop NVH Simulator consists of a computer, steering wheel, pedals and two additional screens, which are either mounted on a desk or installed in an actual vehicle for instant, accurate recreation of noise and vibration effects.

The Desktop NVH Simulator uses one screen to display a virtual road complete with bends, scenery, single lane roads and even motorways. The second screen allows engineers to select the specification of the virtual vehicle, so they can experience the total sound of a vehicle – or several vehicles – as perceived by the driver. The engineer can also change individual factors such as engine type, gearbox, exhaust and wind noise, all of which contribute to the vehicle’s total sound.