Light Emitting Diodes have presented an exciting opportunity to create products that have improvements in life and maintenance and that also present new features that were not possible before


Advances in white LED technology in the last few years have made runway applications a reality. The ZA163L features two powerful 36 watt LED clusters mounted in their own IP68 enclosure. The white module can produce almost 15000 candelas in the peak of the beam and easily provides sufficient output for the ICAO and FAA Runway Edge applications. The twin axis mounting system allows the modules to be toed at different angles to provide threshold and runway end application.


The addition of red and green LED clusters to the ZA420 has provided an alternative to the side-row, threshold and runway end applications. A spreader glass has been added with a matched response to the LED, ensuring maximum transmission of the LED light towards the lighting specifications. A white version will soon be joining the range to meet approach applications and thus provide a total elevated solution for runway visual aides. The fixtures are controlled by the ZL836 that enables LED products to be interfaced with a traditional AGL circuit.


Improvements in output and cost of white LED’s have made taxiway guidance and mandatory signs feasible. The mandatory signs are powered by LED’s that have been specially developed for general lighting and signage. The sign can be operated directly from a constant current circuit in the same style as the LED elevated airfield fixtures. The sign face composition, like the LED glass has been developed to maximise the transmission of LED light through the panel. The outputs exceed the ICAO specification by a factor of two.