The Thermo Hog has been advancing development within the pavement marking industry with the melting system, Hog Speed Control, lower weight, and conveyor system, and the patented thermoplastic Hog Pump.

The Hog Pump is an innovative rotary lobe pump built to replace the traditionally used Moyno pumps. The Hog Pump is more than just a component of our Thermo Hog; it is a pump that fits on any other thermoplastic truck easily with no need to upgrade hydraulics. The Hog Pump was carefully engineered to pump thermoplastic at a higher pressure as required by spray, as well as lower demand pressure for extrude or ribbon.

The Hog Pump is lighter, smaller, and can be easily rebuilt for half the cost while still on your truck. We have had Hog Pumps on our Thermo Hog’s for over three years with around 2,000 tonnes of installed thermoplastic though one of our Hog Pumps with no signs of wear or need to be rebuilt. The Hog Pump was designed to pump thermoplastic, which helps it sustain less damage in normal use. Rebuilding a Hog Pump is an easy process that will take just a couple hours versus having to take off and replace a 636lb Moyno.

Overall, the Hog Pump provides an even flow and has performed every demand we have presented. As always, Hog Technologies stands behind our products and will be offering a two-year prorated warranty on all pumps. Our goal is to provide our customers with a thermoplastic pump that have an extended life and overall cost savings compared to existing Moynos.

All of this adds up to an innovative solution designed to deliver an even, steady flow of thermoplastic at a high volume with minimal wear. It’s just another example of Hog Technologies striving to lead the way of innovation in our industry.

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