Makro Aero has delivered its contractual requirement of a Main Landing Gear Trolley (MLG Trolley) to HAITEC Aircraft Maintenance GmbH.

Makro Aero and HAITEC Aircraft Maintenance GmbH signed a contract in January to manufacture and deliver a MLG Trolley, which was completed in February.

The MLG Trolley was designed, developed and manufactured by Makro Aero. It is suitable for A330 & A340 aircrafts. This versatile tool is developed to remove and install The Main Landing Gear of A330 & A340 aircrafts. The MLG Trolley is designed to achieve efficiency in maintenance activities. Makro Aero previously delivered the MLG Trolley to Turkish Technic and they are still in operation.

The MLG Trolley was manufactured in a relatively short timeframe to enable immediate usage by HAITEC Aircraft Maintenance GmbH. HAITEC is one of Europe’s leading, independent MRO companies with a specialized staff of over 500 professionals servicing over 60 customers from all over the world at their hangar facilities at Hahn Airport (HHN) and Erfurt Airport (ERF) in Germany.

Makro Aero’s commitment to quality and responsiveness to customer requirements have manifested themselves in this MLG Trolley contract. Our efforts concentrate on creating value for our customers through our products and services. Expanding its customer base continuously, more and more MRO companies rely on Makro Aero solutions for their daily aircraft maintenance operations.

MAKRO AERO is an engineering company that provides engine transportation stands, MRO tools (installation and removing tools for aircraft removable parts), jacks, GSE, aircraft access stands and aircraft docking systems / platforms to airlines and MRO companies. We are a proud supplier of innovative products for aircraft maintenance activities.