Architectural design of the new terminal building developed by the SPEECH architectural bureau has been selected as a part of the reconstruction of the passenger terminal complex.

The passenger terminal complex foreside is treated as an integrated glass band, which is ‘wrapping’ the building around the perimeter and emphasising the higher central volume, where the main entrances and the main lobby are located.

The compositional dominant of the main hall interior is the columns, lined with stainless steel and evoking associations with aircraft turbines. The choice of the glass with a low reflection effect as the main cladding material will achieve street and interior space interpenetration effect.

Evening lighting will make the complex a noticeable landmark both for people driving up to the airport and for passengers flying on aircraft.

One of the concept key elements will also be the ‘Meeting Point’ art object on the terminal land side, a meeting place for passengers and guests of the airport.

“The main idea of the architectural and planning concept of the terminal building is the unity of its exterior implementation and interior content. Internal public spaces serve as a natural and integral continuation of the facade solutions of the building, making smooth boundary between its external envelope and interiors, thereby forming dynamic contemporary image of the city air gateways”, says Sergei Choban the author of the project architect.

A general contractor of the work package on reconstruction design of the international and domestic airlines passenger terminal complex is Spectrum Group of Companies (Moscow).