Softech is always committed to conducting business in a lawful, ethical and responsible manner. Last summer, our company has reached a new goal by renewing the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

ISO 9001– Quality management

This standard, internationally recognized, is based on a number of quality management principles for companies that want to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of internal production processes and consequently of final products and services.

Thanks to this certification, Softech has reached the highest standards of quality.

ISO 14001- Environmental management

It’s the international standard, for voluntary participation, that demonstrates the commitment of the companies to implement a proper environmental management during their activities, setting as its objective the optimization of energy consumption, reducing pollution and waste.

In order to minimise environmental impact processes, our designers, very sensitive to these issues, equipped SARA, the latest generation of environmental monitoring, with high efficiency solar panels.

With ISO certification, Softech acquired more ‘force’ on the national and international market, starting to participate in public tenders and becoming the first choice as supplier by an ever-increasing number of companies.