Stripe Hog

Training and licensing programmes have been put into place at the request of the Arizona Department of Transportation (DOT) by Waterblasting Technologies for all water blasting contractors working on Arizona DOT roadways. If you don’t pass, you don’t blast!

You wouldn’t want a bus driver to operate without a license, or the pilot of your plane to fly without a license. We feel that the operator of a 40,000psi water blasting system should require a license from a manufacturer to insure safe optimal results. A Stripe Hog® is a powerful machine capable of achieving great results in runway rubber removal and roadway marking removal, and a licensed operator is the only person capable of maximising those results, while doing so in a safe way.

At Waterblasting Technologies, we don’t just sell machines, we sell pavement marking and runway rubber removal success, and a part of that success is our licensing programme for Stripe Hog operators. An extensive training and continuing education programme allows our Stripe Hog owners to measure the productivity of their operators, while having the peace of mind that comes with knowing the right person is operating the machine in the right way.

But our licensing programme isn’t Stripe Hog exclusive; it is available to operators of any water blasting equipment. We are the only manufacturer in our industry with a licensing programme for water blasting equipment, which is part of the reason why the Arizona DOT has made this landmark decision that will positively impact the preservation and maintenance of their roadways.