Four airports in the Russian Federation have received ULD handling equipment from SACO during 2012. This includes Norilsk Airport in the most northern airport in Siberia, where SACO had previously supplied handling equipment for baggage containers Chelyabinsk and Ekaterinburg / Koltsovo Airports, both near the border between Europe and Asia, were equipped with extensive ULD handling decks and workstations in March 2012.

For Vladivostok Airport, in Russia’s far east, SACO received the contract for supply of a state-of-the-art ETV handling and storage system in December 2012. Installation and testing of the equipment is now in its final stages and is due to be completed for handing-over in September 2012. The new cargo terminal in Vladivostok will apply most advanced air freight terminal technologies and is thus going to set a new benchmark for cargo handling efficiency in the region.

At the world’s most northern airport, Thule Airbase, a SACO ULD handling system for containers was commissioned in August 2012.

SACO’s very first order from Bangladesh was installed and commissioned in August 2012 and includes a lowering workstation, castor decks and elevating truck dock for handling 10ft main deck pallets.

With the SACO system the client will be able to consolidate and pack goods (mainly textiles) onto IATA standard air cargo pallets in their own warehouse and then transfer these built-up pallets by truck directly to the airport for export. Because these air cargo pallets are very large (approx. 2.5 x 3.1 metres) and heavy (max. 6800 kg), it will become quite an exciting new venture for the supply chain infrastructure in Bangladesh.