While the notion of cloud computing has been around for some time, many companies are still wondering what it is and how it fits within their own business model.

In the airport software sphere, you could be forgiven for wondering how cloud computing could benefit your business from a financial and strategic point of view.

Intersystems believes it has the answer with its Rapid in the Cloud product line, which promises to change the delivery of airport management systems forever.

CEO for Intersystems Bruce Allen explains: "Not all airports have the infrastructure to justify the capital costs associated with integrating top-shelf software for airport management systems, that’s where Rapid in the Cloud comes in".

Mr Allen states: "The ‘how’ is surprisingly quite simple. The cloud is a way for you to run and access your airport management files using Intersystems’ own high security servers, rather than you installing programmes and having to save data on your own".

It’s the same kind of technology that lets you use programmes like Hotmail, Gmail or Skype and, according to a recent infographic released by Intersystems, most people are already ‘in the cloud’ through the use of many of the current popular social networks.

Mr Allen goes on to explain: "Simply put, smaller airports who’d like access to market-leading software no longer have to be stymied by the capital outlay associated with infrastructure, maintenance and upgrades.

"Rapid in the Cloud means you can offer the same sophisticated user experience as other airports, while you smile all the way to the bank".

According to the R&D team at Intersystems, Rapid in the Cloud is a virtualised installation of Intersystems industry-leading applications on private cloud servers housed in highly secure, tier 1 facilities around the world, allowing user access via Mac, PC or even smart devices, including iPad, iPhone and Android.

"It’s easy to use, easy to integrate, easy to access and will have you offering the same swish features other airports are using, without the associated capital costs, freeing you up to focus on solving the strategic issues facing your business. We call that cumulus genius," said Mr Allen.

With infrastructure costs impacting all businesses, Rapid in the Cloud is indeed offering an ingenious way to deliver software solutions to airports of all sizes.