Crisplant, part of BEUMER Group and a leading global supplier of automated baggage handling systems has announced that BNP Associates have awarded a certificate of approval for the CrisBelt baggage conveyor system.

The certification followed a thorough evaluation of CrisBelt by leading international airport consultants, BNP Associates who have been providing specialist consultancy to the global air transportation industry, on baggage handling and other systems, for forty years.

To obtain BNP approval, the CrisBelt conveyor needed to meet the highest criteria for design, quality and reliability in baggage handling equipment, to enable the system to be considered for use in the most demanding baggage handling applications.

Crisplant’s Klaus Schäfer, managing director adds, "CrisBelt combines innovative and meticulous design with in-house manufacturing in a BEUMER Group facility which enables Crisplant to maintain stringent control over build quality and delivery. These are just two of the factors which allow Crisplant to deliver baggage handling solutions which are inherently ‘made different’ to those of other companies."

Developed, manufactured and installed by Crisplant, the CrisBelt conveyor system enables fast installation with a minimal footprint, reliable and quiet operation and a reduced spares inventory. Its modular design combines standard, off-the-shelf modules with the flexibility to specify features such as the belt width, belt type, drive locations and inclines, as well as floor or ceiling mounting. This allows CrisBelt to achieve a very compact and custom footprint for each installation. Features such as low-friction belt guiding and tensioning, and an intelligent control system, allow CrisBelt to minimise energy consumption, whilst an optimised drive system provides high tracking and traceability rates.

The first installations of the new CrisBelt conveyor system have been commissioned as part of a major baggage-handling system to be designed, manufactured, supplied and integrated by Crisplant, at Eldorado International Airport, Bogotá, Colombia as well as in the new Doha International Airport’s Airline operations facility.

With more than 35 years of experience in the design, manufacture, integration, maintenance and operation of baggage handling equipment, Crisplant has been a partner to airports, worldwide, which range in size from regional airports to the largest and busiest air-traffic hubs. As part of the BEUMER Group, Crisplant provides a total solution for baggage handling systems which can extend from the check-in to the aircraft ramp. The range includes tilt-tray sorters, tote-systems, destination-coded vehicle (DCV) systems, RFID and barcode screening equipment and conveyors, as well as IT and software controls.