ARINC Incorporated has announced that Cathay Pacific Airways, one of the most highly respected airlines in the world, will implement an advanced information management system into its full fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft. This deployment represents the airline industry’s most significant upgrade in flight deck communications technology in more than 30 years and exemplifies Cathay Pacific’s ongoing commitment to the use of information technology as a means to improve flight operations. It is the first of its kind in Asia.

ARINC’s communications solution creates a true “e-Enabled aircraft” by offering fully-customised, integrated communications management of flight operations, data communication services, cabin services, maintenance, diagnostics and vital safety information. As such, it represents breakthrough communications technology for the airline industry.

“E-enablement is very much the future of aviation for Cathay Pacific. Increased operational efficiency of our flights has a clear and direct impact on our continued ability to offer passengers award-winning service, as well as increased operational efficiencies across the organisation,” said Russell Davie, general manager of flight operations, Cathay Pacific.

Cathay Pacific worked closely with ARINC over a two-year operational trial to fully customise the technology in order to effectively maximise operational benefits and reduce costs. Cathay Pacific and its wholly owned subsidiary Dragonair now have the capability to select the most cost-effective communications connectivity for the aircraft and maintain a consistent data delivery connection between aircraft and remote host systems.

“Automating the flight bag saves paper, but the benefits for airlines like Cathay Pacific go far beyond that. The volume and complexity of airline operations means that the right solution can provide significant benefits across the board,” said Randy Pizzi, Vice President of ARINC’s International Division.

Pizzi continued: “In today’s hyper-competitive airline industry, Cathay’s deployment of cutting-edge technology demonstrates the importance the airline places on being a market leader in providing quality service and value to their customers.”

ARINC’s customised e-Enabled aircraft network solution for Cathay Pacific also includes obtaining Supplemental Type Certifications (STCs) for each aircraft type.