As supplement to ab-initio training based on Eurocontrol Common Core Content, Entry Point
North now introduces ICAO air traffic controller training courses carried out in accordance
with ICAO recommendations and standards.

Professional multinational staff surrounded by
long Scandinavian training traditions and competencies offer fully ICAO compliant training
courses at its academy facilities in Sweden.

The ATC courses address customers that require training based on the ICAO standards and
recommendations. “By adding ICAO training courses to our product portfolio, we have made
an important step in being able to offer training to new markets. Being a total training
provider and one of the largest academies in Europe we are eager to respond to the demand
of new clients with these optimised courses. Moreover, we are proud to be able to ensure
best-in-class training,” says Flemming Eske Hansen, Entry Point North commercial director.

Each module has been constructed based on the ICAO recommendations and has a
duration of eight weeks. The following ICAO training courses are now available:

  • Air traffic control assistant / basic induction (ICAO 051)
  • Aerodrome control (ICAO 052)
  • Approach control – non-radar (procedural ICAO 053)
  • Area or approach control – radar (ICAO 054)
  • Area control – non-radar (procedural ICAO 055)

Based on Entry Point North’s years of training experience the ATC training is performed first with theoretical
lessons followed by various practical hands-on simulation exercises. The modern academy is
equipped with more than 180 state-of-the-art simulator positions, two 360° tower simulators
and eleven 180° tower simulators – all with high resolution 3D image generation.

On all courses students are offered individual close and continuous coaching support and supervision of experienced professional instructors.

The academy also offers several options for students’ accommodation and meals.

If you wish to know more about ICAO ATC training modules, visit Entry Point North at: