The airport industry is seeking answers to
issues that revolve around increasing capacities, maximum safety, reducing
operational costs and dealing with limited resources in a sustainable
manner. It is in this area of conflict that Transnorm is launching an
innovative vertical distributor unit with the VertiSwitch at Interairport in
Munich (Hall B5, Stand 1284), from 11 to 14 October. It delivers advantages
for baggage conveyor systems in various ways with its high level of cost-effectiveness.

Whether it is a matter of separating out pieces of suspicious baggage after
screening quickly and accurately or highly dynamic line switching, Transnorm has
developed the VertiSwitch especially for these types of tasks. The vertical line
distributor needs barely one second to swivel between lines above one another in
continuous conveyor flow. The distribution capacity is 2,000 pieces of baggage per
hour. As a result of their compact design and construction, the units can be
integrated into airport baggage conveyor systems without taking up too much
space. Thanks to the construction that is optimised with respect to weight, yet
robust in design, Transnorm clears the way for mounting the VertiSwitch – as you
will be able to see in Munich – in fact, suspended overhead and below the ceiling.
In this manner, the global market leader in belt curve conveyors emphasises, once
again, its innovative claim in the segment of material handling technology.

Lower weight, minimum wear and tear, longer service life and enhanced
availability: VertiSwitch achieves this performance with the help of its special
design principle. Instead of using bulky and maintenance-intensive linear systems,
the assemblies of robust geared motors are driven directly in conjunction with a
swinging block linkage. Since the weight of the moving assembly could be reduced
by almost one-third in the process, Transnorm could enhance the energy efficiency to a similar extent in the context of its own energy saving initiative. In this
connection, the mechanical energy storage buffer represents a technical highlight,
with the help of which VertiSwitch saves the potential energy released when
lowering the conveyor and reuses it for the next lifting action.
Another benefit of this swivel mechanism and the overall open design and
construction: Maintenance work is simplified. Over and above this, the modular and
compact design of the VertiSwitch ensures that the units and assemblies can be
dismantled with few movements for overseas transport. Since a larger number of
line distributors can fit into the ship container in this manner, another noteworthy
benefit is that freight costs reduce significantly.