The groundbreaking ceremony on 25 January 2017 signifies the first step towards kvm-tec’s new ‘homebase’. kvm-tec is the Austrian developer and manufacturer of KVM extenders and MATRIX switching systems, which are exported worldwide.

From October 2017, the kvm-tec sales team will be providing support from the ‘homebase’ in Tattendorf to our sales partners around the globe, as well kvm-tec, established in September 2017.

The entire R&D team will also be working on new projects from the ‘homebase’ such as our 4k range, KVM over IP and USB data loggers. kvm-tec is implementing an innovative workplace concept at the new site in Tattendorf with an ergonomically equipped office, focused workstations and lounge areas, as well as a fitness centre and kitchen for healthy snacks and a large garden area with a swimming pond.

Solar power will provide clean power, while a heat pump will regulate the temperature in the building. An electric charging station in the car park is also integrated into the project as a further environmental concept.