Sky Assist Signs a WorldTracer Web Service Development Agreement with SITA

Sky Assist strengthens its partnership with SITA by signing a web service development agreement for WorldTracer. Since few months, SITA has built WorldTracer connectivity using web services, allowing product providers like Sky Assist to develop and test applications connecting to WorldTracer.

BagAssist product is connecting for years using screen scrapping technology, with high maintenance and subject to screen layout changes. Since the web services are available, BagAssist new modules (like the self-services applications for passengers called e-AHLreport, e-AHLmanage and kioskAHLreport) connects using web services and Sky Assist / SITA agree to have a transition plan for the full BagAssist product by mid 2015.

Sky Assist received therefore a customer code for test purpose in WorldTracer test environment.


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